“India is; the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.” Mark Twain

It is impossible not to be astonished by India. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues. Enriched by successive waves of migration and marauders from distant lands, every one of them left an indelible imprint which was absorbed into the Indian way of life. Every aspect of the country presents itself on a massive, exaggerated scale, worthy in comparison only to the superlative mountains that overshadow it. It is this variety which provides a breathtaking ensemble for experiences that is uniquely Indian. Perhaps the only thing more difficult than to be indifferent to India would be to describe or understand India completely. There are perhaps very few nations in the world with the enormous variety that India has to offer. Modern day India represents the largest democracy in the world with a seamless picture of unity in diversity unparalleled anywhere else.

Without doubt, India is the most engaging, colorful, chaotic, spiritual country in the world. You will be left speechless by some of India’s world heritage monuments and will be mesmerized by India’s monument to love, the Taj Mahal – a highlight of most of our tours.

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Golden Triangle

Golden triangle tourist circuit consists of Delhi, Agra (including the Taj Mahal), and Jaipur. The trips usually last 7 or 8 days and we do the tour as a circuit starting and finishing in New Delhi. The Golden Triangle hosts many of India's great cultural gems, providing a good spectrum of the country's different landscapes. It is so called because of the triangular shape formed by the locations of New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan on a map. We start from Delhi, travel southwards to Agra, the site of the famous Taj Mahal. Then west, to the desert landscapes of Rajasthan, to the city of Jaipur. These three cities are extremely popular as tourist destinations among the foreign tourists who visit India.
Golden Triangle Tours


Himalayas is a nature's gift to mankind. Himalayas being the world's highest mountain chain is a collage of natural beauty. It portrays different facets of nature like the snow capped mountain peaks, valleys, glaciers, rivers, and varied and rich vegetation. Such variation is rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

There are various destinations to be visited in the Himalayas. With variations in the climate, vegetation and geographical characteristics each place is distinct from the other. The mystic beauty of the Himalayas has attracted people from across the world. So if you want to walk down the green and flowery meadows and climb up the rugged mountains than Himalayas is the perfect destination. It rejuvenates the body and soul.

Leh and Ladakh

There are several reasons why Ladakh has gained so much popularity among travellers over the past few years. There are some stunning sights to see, incredible adventures to indulge in, local flavours to savour and wonderful memories to take back home. Ladakh celebrates some of the finest festivals and some famous ones are the Sindhu Darshan and the Ladakh Festival. Given that the region is open only for a few months in the year, you must plan your trips in advance. This exciting destination is a Himalayan wonder, boasting of having the World's Two Highest Motorable passes and linking two mountain regions of Ladakh and Zanskar. Some of the picturesque sights are the amazing Nubra Valley, spectacular Pangong Tso Lake and the unmatched beauty of Zanskar with its 24,000ft snowcaped peaks and glaciers. Nothing compares to the breathtaking beauty of Ladakh.
Leh and Ladakh


Rajasthan is famous for its heritage listed monuments, carved temples, and decorated forts and havelis, built by Rajput kings. This magical land brings to mind- the images of valour and chivalry, imposing landscapes, rural customs, stunning jewellery and handicrafts, colourful attire and folk music and dance; all this in the backdrop of rolling desert and beautifully decorated camels. Touring Rajasthan is a unique experience which leaves you spell bounded as you explore it more & more. The major tourist destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambhore, Pushkar, Jaisalmer and Udaipur are well interconnected. The magic of this colourful, vibrant land, its heritage, culture, sand dunes, forests and wildlife makes it a “must visit” destination.
Rajasthan Tours
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